Ottawa Bibliographic Sources Project

Scott Nicholson

Copyright 1996


This mini-guide covers reference materials that lead to information on the history of the Ottawa tribe, a North American Indian tribe that was first encountered in Northern & Northeastern America. The works in this guide provide bibliographic sources about the culture and history of the tribe, encounters between the whites and the Ottawa, and sources on Pontiac, the Ottawa chief that banded together many tribes for a fierce battle known as Pontiac's Rebellion. Only English-language reference works are included, although some of these works point to French sources.

I. Bibliographic Guides

1. Bibliography of Native North Americans on Disc. [CD-ROM]. (1993)

Bizzell Library CD-ROM Database, accessable through the Electronic Information Center

This database contains the works from the eight volumes of the Ethnobibliographic Bibliography of North America and additional citations, for a total of over 62,000 citations. These citations are to published materials, such as "books, journal articles, essays, conference papers, dissertations, and U.S. government documents." These can be searched by subject, descriptor, identifier, region, ethnic group, author, title, date, entry type, journal name, publisher, or collection/series title. The vocabulary for each field may be quickly browsed by pressing F2 with the cursor on the field in question. Ottawa entries may be found under Ethnic group: Ottawa or Subject: Pontiac.

2. DeWitt, D. L. (Ed.). (1990). American Indian Resource Materials in the Western History Collectons, University of Oklahoma. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press.

Bizzell Reference E 78 .O45 A69 1990

(Sheehy: CC224)

This is a guide to the materials available at the University of Oklahoma Western History Collections. The guide is divided by the form of the work (manuscripts, photographs, oral histories, microfilms, newspapers and periodicals) contained in the collection. Within each form, the works are ordered alphabetically by author or title (if there is no author). There are slightly over 1000 entries, each with an objective description of the work and the information needed to find the work in the collection. It also lists twenty other collections with American Indian resource materials. The book has an alphabetical subject index in the back, and works on the Ottawa Indians can be found under the subject Ottawa Indians.

3. Haas, M. L. (1983). Indians of North America: Methods and Sources for Library Research. Hamden, CT: Shoe String Press.

Bizzell Reference Z 1209 .H22 1983

(Sheehy: CC437)

While containing very little directly (one entry) on the Ottawa tribe, this work contains information on finding reference works on the Indians of North America. This useful, easy-to-read guide is written in an instructional style with pointers to many works not listed in this Bibliographical Guide. The book is in three sections, "Library Methodology and Reference Works", "Annotated Bibliography Alphabetically by Topic", and "Unannotated Bibliography Alphabetically by Tribe." The second and third section contains only one reference each to the Ottawa tribe, found under Ottawa People in the brief index. The first section, however, provides a wonderful guide to the methodology of research on Native Americans, covering classification systems, indexes, abstracts, library catalogs, handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, catalogs, dissertation sources, archives, and government documents. These are presented in a instructional dialogue format instead of lists of sources. After finding the guides on this Bibliographic Guide on the Ottawa Indians, this book is an ideal source for more reference materials not listed here.

4. Hand, R. A. (1989). A Bookman's Guide to the Indians of the Americas: a compilation of over 10,000 catalogue entries with prices and annotations, both bibliographical and descriptive. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press.

Bizzell Reference Z 1209 .H24 1989

This guide for the "bookperson" - dealer, librarian, or collector - contains over 10,000 entries obtained from around 200 catalogues of book dealers. Only books that cost more than $10.00 were listed. Listings contain bibliographic information and descriptions listed in the catalogues, as well as which catalog the book may be ordered from. The entries are in alphabetical order by author or title (when there is no author). Books are indexed by a single subject index, and books on the Ottawa may be found under "Indians of the Americas - Tribes, Tribal Groups, Prehistoric Cultures - Ottawa", "Indians of the Americas - Tribes, Tribal Groups, Prehistoric Cultures - Algonquian-Algonkian", and "Leaders - Pontiac".

5. Hill, E. E. (Ed.). (1981). Guide to Records in the National Archives of the United States Relating to American Indians. Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Service.

Western History Reference Z 1209.2 .U5 H54 1982

(Sheehy: CC467, Walford: 7024)

This is a guide to record in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. It lists the works in narrative form, ordered first by department holding the records, and then either chronologically or by subject area, depending on the department. There is very little bibliographical information listed on each work, usually only the date and size of the work. The author and subject must be derived from the narrative text. There is a single index, in which Ottawa works can be found referenced under Ottawa Agency and Ottawa Indians.

6. Hirschfelder, A. B., Byler, M. G., and Dorris, M. A. (1983). Guide to Research on North American Indians. Chicago: American Library Association.

Bizzell Reference Z 1209.2 .N67 H57 1983

(Sheehy: CC438)

This bibliography is divided in four sections - introductory material, history and historical sources, economic and social aspects, and religion, arts, and literature. Within each section, the works are divided by subject (such as "Land Tenure and Resources", "Political Organization", and "Histories"). This guide contains about 1,100 works selected to provide a good starting point for Native American research. The detailed entries contain bibliographical information and detailed annotations (several paragraphs each) for each work. There is an author-title index and a subject index, and books on the Ottawa can be found under Ottawa and Pontiac.

7. Klein, B. (Ed.). (1993). Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian. West Nyack, NJ: Todd Publications.

Bizzell Reference E 76.2 .R4 1993

(Balay: CC226, Walford: 942)

This reference book has four sections - U.S. contacts, Canadian contacts, a bibliography and biographies. The contact sections divided by type of contact (reservations, schools, libraries) and then divided by state. There is no subject index for the contact area, so each of 18 areas would have to be checked for contacts under Oklahoma, Michigan, and Ontario. The bibliographies are listed in alphabetical order, followed by a subject classification. Some of the works listed under Algonquian Indians may be about the Ottawa tribe, as there is no listing for Ottawa Indians. The listings of the bibliographies are brief, only listing title, author, pages, publisher, and cost. There is no description of each work.

8. Littlefield, D. F., Jr. (1981). A Biobibliography of Native American Writers, 1772-1924. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press

Bizzell Reference Z 1209.2 .U5 L57

This biobibliography only lists works written by Native American writers. The book is in three parts - a bibliography of the writers, a bibliography of the writers what are known only by pen names, and biographical notes on each writer. There are about 4,300 entries in this book, organized in alphabetical order by author. Each entry consists of a short citation with no annotation. There are two indexed - one by tribal affiliation and one by subject. In the tribal affiliation, several Ottawa authors are listed under Ottawa. In the subject index, a few works can be found under the subject Ottawas.

9. Martin, M. M. and O'Leary, T. J. (1990). Ethnographic bibliography of North America: Supplement to the 4th edition. New Haven, CT: Human Relations Area Files Press.

Bizzell Reference Z. 1209.2 .N67 M87 1975

(Sheehy: CC217)

This three-volume bibliography supplement is a "coverage of literature on the Native peoples of North America". It only covers literature published between 1973 through 1987, as works before 1973 are published in the 4th edition of the work. This work contains 25,000 to 26,000 citations in two volumes, with a third volume that is an index. The citations, in alphabetical order by author or title (when there is no author), contains the title, author, publisher, date, pages (if applicable), regions that the book covers, ethnic groups, and descriptors. The index volume contains other reference books on Native Americans, a section with maps and descriptions of the area where each tribe lives, an author index, an index by ethnic groups (where books on Ottawa can be found under Ottawa), and an index by subject (where a book may be found under Pontiac's Rebellion).

10. Prucha, F. P. (1977). A Bibliographical Guide to the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

(Sheehy: CC455, Walford: 919)

Bizzell Reference Z 1209.2 .U5 P67

This reference book centers on the history of Indian and white relations. It is organized in two parts - a very short guide to sources and a classified bibliography organized by broad subject (Indian Affairs, Treaties and Councils, Military Relations, etc.), then more narrow subjects. Within each narrow subject, it is organized by author or title (if there is no author). There is a small paragraph at the beginning of each narrow subject describing what that topic entails, but each entry contains only a bibliographic citation with no annotation. There is one index, combining author and subject. Books on the Ottawa can be found using the index under Ottawa Indians and Pontiac's Rebellion.

11. Svoboda, J. G. (Ed.). (1983). A Guide to American Indian Resource Materials in Great Plains Repositories. Lincoln: Center for Great Plains Studies.

Western History Reference E 78 .G73 1983

This work covers materials currently kept in collections in the Great Plains area. This work is organized by state, then by collection. Within the collection, the works are organized by form, then in alphabetical order by main heading. Each entry has scant bibliographic information, and a short, descriptive annotation. The book is organized by an alphabetic index, where Ottawa works may be found referenced under the heading Ottawa Indians.

12. United States Department of the Interior, (1966). Biographical and Historical Index of American Indians and Persons Involved in Indian Affairs. Boston, MA: G. K. Hall.

Western History Reference Z 1209 .U494

(Sheehy: CC458, Walford: 5295)

This eight-volume work consists of photocopies of cards from the bureau of Indian Affairs. With over 200,000 entries, this is a guide to books and government works. Each card has the subject, bibliographic information, and some have a short annotation. Works on the Ottawa can be found under Ottawa, Pontiac, Pontiac (Ottawa) and Pontiac (Ottawa Chief). All of these works can be found in Volume 6 of this index.

13. Wolf, C. E. and Folk, K. R. (1977). Indians of North and South America: A Bibliography based on the Collection at the Willard E. Yager Library-Museum Hartwick College, Oneonta, N.Y. . Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press. (and supplement)

Bizzell Reference Z 1209 .W82 (and supplement)

(Sheehy: CC460)

This extensive guide of over 3500 books from the Yager Collection (most of which are available though interlibrary loan, according to the preface) is in alphabetical order by author or title (when there is no author). The entries are very brief, only listing the author, title, publisher, date, and other bibliographic information as needed to find the work. However, there is a title index, series index, and subject index. Books on the Ottawa can be found under "Ottawa Indians" and "Pontiac, Ottawa Chief."

II. Library of Congress Subject Headings

A. Most relevant subject headings:



B. Other helpful subject headings




III. Other Bibliographies

14. Bernsten, D. (1995). Transitions in Maumee Ottawa Social Organization, 1820 to 1850. Unpublished master's thesis, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.

Bizzell Reading Room - OU Thesis BER

This is a thesis about the changes in the social organization of the Maumee Ottawas from 1820 to 1850. It was during this time when the Ottawa tribe was removed from Michigan to the areas they settle in today. This work contains a bibliography with 113 citations to other works. These are in alphabetical order by author, and have no annotation. There is no index to the work. However, the cited sources would be useful in examining the last move of the Ottawa tribe.

15. Eckert, A. W. (1981). The Conquerors. Toronto: Bantam Books.

Western History E 83.76 .E27 1981

This is a historical novel about the ways in which the white man took the Native American's land in the northeastern part of the United States. The main focus of the book is on Pontiac and his leadership of the Indian tribes. This book does contain a considerable bibliography about these battles. The extensive bibliography with several hundred listings is ordered by chapter of the book, and alphabetically after that. There are no annotations. There is an index, so that the specific subjects about the Ottawa can be found under Ottawa Indians and Pontiac, Ottawa War Chief.

16. Edmunds, R. D. (1980). American Indian Leaders: Studies in Diversity. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

Western History Reference E 89 .A48

This work relates tales of encounters with American Indian Leaders. The tales are in chronological order, with each report taking around 20 pages. Following each report is a sizeable bibliographies. Ottawa works may be found after the first chapter - Old Briton, which details the Ottawa's works with the French. This holds information about 21 different sources which should assist the Ottawa history researcher. These citations are nothing more than a standard citation of a work, with no annotation.

17. Unrau, W. E. and Miner, H. C. (1985). Tribal Dispossession and the Ottawa Indian University Fraud. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press.

Bizzell E 99 09 U67 1985

This book relates the history of the Ottawa Indians and their trials during their "brief and disastrous residence in Kansas." In the back of the book is a bibliography of works about the Ottawa and their past relationship with whites. Organized by chapter, there are 90 citations to other works which are about the Ottawa tribes. There is a small index, under which the specific topics regarding the Ottawas can be found under the heading Ottawa Indians. By using the index and the text referred to, the corresponding resources can then be found.

18. Wright, M. H. (1951). A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press.

Western History Reference E 78 .045W7

This book is a guidebook, with a few pages of information about each tribe in Oklahoma. The information consists of the location, numbers, history, government, and culture of each tribe, as well as a short bibliography of works about the tribe. Regarding Ottawa works, this book has a small bibliography on the Ottawa Indians on page 202.

IV. Indexes and Abstracts

19. America: History and Life. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. Vol. 0 - , 1964 -

Bizzell Reference Z 1236 .A48

(Sheehy: DB47, Walford: 6988)

This index of historical journals is in five parts. The first four parts are article abstracts and citations to reviews and dissertations, one put out every three months. Each one of these parts contains a subject, author, and title index. The fifth is a subject index for the entire year. Every five years, there is a five-year cumulation index. The citations and abstracts are listed chronologically, by era in history. Within each era, they are grouped by type (article, review, or dissertation) and then listed alphabetically. All listings have adequate bibliographic information, but only the articles have abstracts. To find works on the Ottawa, look in the subject index under Ottawa Indians or Pontiac.

20. Huedner, J. A. (1957). American Indian Index. Vol. 23-86. (pp. 565-568, 614-616) Chicago: J. A. Huebner.

Western History Reference Z 1209 .H8

(Sheehy: CC440)

This appears to be a handtyped collection of periodical articles though 1954. There are a good number of articles on the Ottawa tribe, as well as a dated chronology of the history of the tribe from 1687 to 1893, with citations for each year in the chronology. In addition, there are many works listed on Pontiac and Pontiac's Conspiracy. While dated, this resource appears to have excellent citations. However, there was at least one noticable mistake - Ottawa was spelled Attawa in one heading.

21. Smith, D. L. (1974). Indians of the United States and Canada: A Bibliography. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

Western History Reference Z 1209 .2 .N67 I52

(Sheehy: CC447)

This work (and its sequel, Volume II) is an index to historical and social science periodical literature. The work is organized by era, then by tribe. Each entry contains author, title, and periodical information. In addition, there is an abstract for each article indexed. Between the two volumes, there are over 3,000 abstracts. There is a combined subject/author index. Works on the Ottawa may be referenced under Ottawa, Pontiac (Ottawa Tribe) and Pontiac's Rebellion. The first volume of this work contains many more Ottawa references than the second.

22. Wile, A. N. (Ed.). (1977). Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals in History, 1838-1974. Vol. 8. Washington, DC: Carrollton Press.

Bizzell Reference D 1 .C7 v.8

(Walford: 1175)

This set of indexes resulted from an attempt to "create a convenient single source for the rapid building of retrospective bibliographies." These entries are listed in long tables, ordered by broad subject, then by more narrow subject, then by year of publication. The individual listings are sparse, listing title, author, year, volume, a journal number (indexed to journal name inside the front cover of the book), and page number. Volume eight contains the topic United States, Indians, The American. Information on the Ottawa can be found under the headings Ottawa and Pontiac.

V. Directories

23. Furtaw, J. C. (Ed.). (1993). Native Amercians Information Directory. Detroit, MI: Gale Research.

Bizzell Reference E 77 .N37 v.1

This directory is about the "organizations, agencies, institutions, programs, publications, services, and other resources concerned with the indigenous peoples of the United States and Canada." It is organized first by the type of people, then by type of resource (tribal communities, national organizations, etc.), then alphabetically by state, and finally alphabetically by city. Due to this organizational structure, subject browsing is difficult. There is an alphabetical index, however. Contact addresses for Ottawa resources can be referenced in this index under "Oklahoma; Ottawa Tribe of" and "Ottawa and Chippewa Tribes".