Shall we play a game?

Welcome to the brief information page for the Syracuse Boardgamers. The goal of this page is to provide a little information about the group and direct you to our Yahoo group/discussion board.

We meet Tuesday nights from 5-10pm. We meet at the Altered States main store at 689 North Clinton St. You don't have to arrive at 5; you'll just join in when a new game begins or enough people appear to start a new group. Food and drink are allowed, but please be respectful of the games.

There is a Yahoo Group and discussion board at This is used for official announcements, discussion of games, etc.

If you would like more information, write Scott Nicholson at Scott is heading up this effort, and he looks like this so you can recognize him. Scott's also the person behind "Board Games with Scott", a weekly video log/vlog where he explains and reviews one game each week.


What kind of games do you play?

We mainly focus on the family strategy games / Eurogames such as Settlers of Catan, El Grande, Puerto Rico, Blokus, Ticket to Ride, Acquire, etc. However, if you have a hankering for a more traditional game like Mah Jongg, Bridge, or Scrabble, bring it along and see if anyone's interested. We don't venture into roleplaying games, collectable card games, or heavy-duty strategy games. The goal is to have a few hours a week to let your mind explore different puzzles and situations.

Why have I never heard of these games?

There is a rapidly growing trend of these "family strategy" games that aren't sold in typical toy stores. Many of them are in other languages (but we have everything needed to play the game) and aren't reaching the mass market through the larger stores.

If you'd like to see a TV segment that Scott Nicholson did about these games, visit

We currently have a "Game of the Month" program, where we pick one game and work to integrate that game into the evening's play. This allows people to build up strategies and really learn a game. Conversely, other games are also going on at the same time, so if you don't like the Game of the Month, you'll have something to do. You can view the history of the Game of the Month.

What makes these games different?

When most people think about board games, they think about Monopoly and the never ending rolling and moving..and waiting for hours for the thing to end. These games are different in the following ways:

  • They have a fixed ending point, and usually take 1-2 hours (less once you learn the games).
  • There are mechanisms to keep you involved in the game when it is not your turn (such as trading, backstabbing, negotiating, etc).
  • Luck plays a much lower factor; however, there usually is a little luck involved.
  • They are more complex, and you should plan on not worrying about winning the first game - just get a handle on how the game works.

What can I expect?

If you arrive around 5pm, you'll probably be able to join in the first game of the night. These sorts of games usually work best for 3-6 people, so once we hit 7 people, we'll break into two groups. There is ample table space for more games to expand. If you arrive after 5, then you'll wait around for the current game to end or wait for a few others to come and start playing. You can bring games that you have, or play along with club members.

How can I learn more?

Show up! But, if you'd like to read more before you come, one of the top sites on the hobby is

You can also sign up for the Yahoo group at or write Scott Nicholson at

See you there!

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